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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What A Wonderful X'mas!

I had a great x'mas this year. Luckily the renovation (click HERE to know more about the renovation) managed to complete before x'mas. So that we can decorate our house for x'mas!

Look at living room walls:

The wall outside our house:


Tv cabinet:



And the x'mas tree with presents:

I also prepared some presents for my friends:

And I received many presents from my family and friends too:

I didn't get to take the picture for some of the gifts I received because they are already in my stomach. Haha.

I was performing(dance and skit) in my church on x'mas eve and really had fun with it.
This is the picture taken after our skit:

Then I went for a supper with my friends to Mamak!
Roti Tissue:

On x'mas day, my mom prepared a delicious dinner for all of us:

This is a picture with my siblings and our presents:

And a picture of my happy family:

Once again, Merry X'mas to all of you and may God bless you all abundantly! =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!



and don't forget to give me presents! hehe..
luckily I managed to post this up before x'mas is over, 5 more minutes to 12am. haha.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meet Mr.Crack

This Mr.Crack was born 4-5 years ago, in my house. He is one of the most irritating thing I have ever met. I bet that not a single person will like Mr.Crack. He was born due to the poor foundation of my house. When he started to appear, he won't just stay there, but continue to grow and spread! Now, it's all over my house, conquered almost every wall in my house. So we need to get someone to get rid of this Mr.Crack. If this solution will get rid of this Mr.Crack once and for all, then it is not a big problem. However, this is not the best solution, Mr.Crack reappear again and again after every repair. I can't even count how many time it reappear. Here's some pictures of this irritating thing:

And this is the not-the-best-solution to it:
Hacking, knocking and drilling. Then cover it back with cement and paint. The following pictures are taken after hacking.

The part that I hate the most is the CLEANING PART! And this renovation is not just for one day, it takes days or maybe weeks. We have to clean our house everyday after they're done. After you see the next picture, you'll know how "easy" to clean.

Today is just the 3rd day of the renovation and I wonder how long will it take. I hope they'll finish it up as soon as possible and hope that the irritating Mr.Crack will not appear AGAIN after this renovation.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Learn from the young ones.

Sometimes, we might ignore the words from the children. Thinking that they are crapping and they are too childish. They might be childish, they might be innocent and doesn't know anything, but sometimes, they have a better moral value than us. Please continue to read to know what I have found about my little, 7 years old cousin that we should learn from.

Today, there was an event, CHAMPS Carnival, organized by my Church, Renewal Lutheran Church. This event is for every children from age 7 to 12. Please click >>HERE<< to know more about CHAMPS. This event is like a fun fair with many game stalls for the children to play. Every children was given a card to collect their stickers. Once a person won the game, he/she was given a sticker or maybe two. Then there was a counter for them to redeem their prizes depending on the number of stickers they collected. There was toys, cute tissue boxes, cute clothe baskets and many more for them to redeem.

While they were playing their games, I walked to my cousin and asked him why he didn't wanted to redeem the prizes since he had collected so many stickers, but he just said that he need more. After the event ended, most of the children went to redeem their prizes from the counter and my cousin went too. He used up all his stickers to redeem a clothe basket that need 20 stickers. I felt curious, but I just ignored him, maybe because of the cuteness of the basket that attracted him.

When my mom was fetching my cousin back to his house, my mom asked him, why he wanted to redeem the basket instead of those cute toys that most of the children aiming for. Then, he replied, "I redeemed this for my mom to put her clothes". I was really shocked from his reply. He used all his stickers just to redeem a prize for his mom! He is so young yet so caring!

Once my mom reached his house, my mom told his mom about the incident. Then his mom said my cousin always behaves this way. Even they brought him to the theme park, he will always redeem prizes for his mom instead of himself. There was once he redeemed a mug for him mom.

We should learn from this caring little boy. Always remember and appreciate the one who loves and cares for us. =)

*Images created with Paint.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiny creatures.

Once upon a time, there was a young man, named Alexander. He lived in a normal, ordinary house with his warm and caring family.

One day, while Alexander was playing with his laptop, he heard tiny voices came from no where. He felt curious. Then he ignored it, thought that it might be some kind of sound that came from the laptop. However, the voices became louder and louder, which distracted his attention from his laptop. He stretched his ears, tried to hear what was that. It sounded like children screaming, yelling, laughing, and talking! Many things ran through his mind once he heard that; it could be children playing outside his house, it could be the sound came from the laptop, it could be from his phone, it could be from everywhere!

In a split second, Alexander stood up and ran his hands over everything he saw in his room. Flipped, tossed and lifted up everything, tried to find where the sound came from. After he searched the whole room and nothing was found. He was exhausted. Flows of sweat ran down from his forehead. Then he stretched his body and gave a long sigh. Disappointingly, he sat on his chair, rested his arm on the table and stared on the ceiling, wondered where the sound came from.

"Hey, you!" Once again, he heard the tiny voice. It was clear and loud this time.

"Heeeeeey.... Giant! I'm calling you!" said the tiny voice. Alexander felt curious when he heard the tiny voice called him giant. Then he felt a light jerk on his sleeve. Quickly, he turned his head and saw tiny white moving thing that was pulling his sleeve. He moved his head forward to have a closer look and he saw a tiny person! The tiny person was wearing a white shirt and pants. Out of curiosity, Alexander picked up the tiny person and greeted him. They had a short and great conversation.

After that, the tiny little person invited Alexander to meet his friends. Alexander agreed and followed him to their hideout, which is behind a huge book. Then Alexander lifted the book and put it aside. His eyes grew bigger and his mouth wide opened when he saw what was hidden behind the huge book. There were so many of them! Each of the tiny person look exactly like the one he first met. They were running, playing, and laughing around the stationaries where Alexander left behind the huge book a few years ago. Without thinking, Alexander quickly grabbed his camera phone and took a picture of what he saw.

This is the picture he took:

(Click the picture to enlarge for a better view)

Soon, Alexander and the tiny humans became friends and they live happily ever after. The End.

*For your info, this story is not true. It is made up by me. The picture is edited by me using Photoshop. And the tiny guy is my cousin. Any comment is much appreciated. =)