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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Songs Carry Memories

I realised many songs actually carry memories. While listening to them, they will remind me of the past.

Some of them reminds me of some people.

Some of them reminds me of the game I played.

Some of them reminds me of my dance performances.

But each one of them, reminds me of the wonderful moment and the fun time I had.

Every time I listen to them, they give me a sad feeling, because all these memorable moments are the past. How nice if I can go back to the past and experience these moments once again.

Anyway, below are some of the songs that remind me of the past memories: (Stop the player on the sidebar before playing this)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday..

Thursday is my busiest day in every week. Class starts at 9am and ends at 7pm. And there is only an hour break at 2pm.

To make matters worse, I’ll have to park my car very far away from my university, because UTAR doesn’t provide enough parking area for us (students). The parking slots around my university is always full and we can’t park in the housing area or yellow line, unless we’re willing to get our car scratched, tyres punctured or summoned by the city council, yet we’re still doing it because we have no choice! Students been sending letters to UTAR but no action is taken.

Last two days (Thursday), after spending 10hours in my university, I felt so tired and sleepy but I still have to take a long walk to my car. Plus, it was raining at the same time. Sky was already getting dark, the sun was setting and suddenly, I saw something amazing that put a smile on my face.

A beautiful rainbow in the sky. It is so nice and I quickly stopped and took out my phone to take a picture of it. Rainbow (hope/success) comes after rain/storm (problem/struggle).

I reached home at almost 9pm with a starving stomach due to the terrible jam but I still have the peace and joy in my heart because I know that God will never leave or forsake me, thanks to the colourful stripes in the sky.