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Thursday, March 18, 2010

25 Random Facts

Tagged by tammie, because I fall under the 7th category in her post: "7. Anyone who wants to blog, but have no idea what to blog about". So I'm gonna blog about this now. Haha. Actually I did post about my facts before. Here's the link, This(please click) and This(please click).

Ok, let's start!

1) I spent most of my time in front of my computer.

2) I play guitar and drum.

3) My driving license is not under probation anymore! Haha.

4) I like to observe people's attitude. (Beware, I'll know what you're thinking =P).

5) Discover Channel, my favorite channel.

6) I'm 183cm tall. Not growing anymore I guess.

7) I'm a Christian.

8) I don't really like junk food and soft drink.

9) I have 4 siblings and I'm the 2nd eldest.

10) I love my family.

11) I love my friends.

12) I don't like to be a follower.

13) I like to try new things. Eating something new, doing something new, reading something new, . . .

14) I'm a very hardworking Facebook-er. Haha..

15) I'm kind of stubborn. If I have my own idea in my head, it's hard to change my direction. Unless you have a very good reason.

16) I hate to lie. Unless I have no choice.

17) Music is not my life. I can still live without music. I'm just listening it for fun.

18) I'm a curious person. I'll do all I can to find out the truth.

19) Easy to make me smile. Hard to make me angry.

20) I can hardly construct a sentence orally in English when I was in secondary school, but it's getting easier for me now in College. Practice makes perfect.

21) I hate to hurt people's feeling. Sometimes, I have no choice.

22) I always spend lots of time thinking what to write whenever I'm writing all these posts.

23) I don't know what to write anymore.

24) Seriously, no more idea.

25) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Please fill in for me. Thank you!

I'm not gonna tag anyone. Just do it if you feel like doing this tag.