==== Name: Alexander CTS ==== DOB: 16th of October ==== Race: Chinese(Malaysian) ==== Religion: Christian ==== Gender: Male ====

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time to have a new look.

Good bye to my old and dull layout.

Hello to the new and colourful layout!

Tale of a 100km/hr car.

I am green, kinda flat and long. I look kinda squarish with a yellow moon+star in front of my head. I was born in a country with many colours of people, each has their own culture and religion. Now, I am about 4years old if I'm not mistaken. I do have many sicknesses/problems such as difficulty waking up, poor vision, cracks on my butt and so on. My owner gonna send me to the hospital later for a full body check up.

Okay okay~ enough of those craps...... straight to the topic.

Once upon a time, I was a car that couldn't run fast due to my poor heartbeat, but my owner always pushed me to the limit. My average speed was 100km/hr, never below 80km/hr unless there was an old "tortoise" crawling on the right(fast) lane, in front of me. You would never see me on the left or middle lane, but you could always spot me on the right lane. If you saw me on the left or middle lane, most probably I was trying to overtake those tortoises.

One day, my owner suddenly changed into a new person. He never push me to the limit anymore. Now, my average speed is just 80km/hr, no longer 100km/hr. You will always see me on the middle or left lane, but not the right lane. One by one of the car went past me with the speed I used before this. It's my turn to feel like a tortoise now. I do really miss the old time. My owner didn't tell me about what just happened to him. Can anyone of you guess what happened? You can post your reply as a comment.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Did you guys remember that I participated in a contest called, MMS Speak Up Malaysia by Digi and Nuffnang? Click here and you'll be linked to post about this contest.

When I woke up today, I saw a comment posted by tammie(one of the participant of this contest) in my blog's chat box (you can see it on the side bar). It's written "hey Alex! remember me? :D CONGRATS on ur winning!! haha so happy :)". I was kinda blurred when I first saw the comment. I was like "huh? what did I won?". Then I realized that it's the MMS Speak Up Malaysia contest. Right after that, I quickly went to the nuffnang website and this is what I found:

I was kinda shock as I didn't realize that I'll be one of the winner for this contest. I won a phone! Thank God. Haha.

Currently I'm still waiting for their message regarding instructions to collect the prize. Hope I'll receive it as soon as possible! Haha.