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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Good Bye to My Old Blog, My Memories..

I started blogging many years ago. Can't really remember when is the exact date that I started.

Some of you has been following my blog since the day I started blogging and most probably you still remember what happened to my blog before. I accidentally deleted my blog. Haha.. Super careless... It happened on March of  2009, which is the same day I started this blog (alexandercts.blogspot.com) with the first post titled "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Haha..

However, I felt relieved once I found out that I have all my posts backed up in another blog (alexandercts.multiply.com/journal). BUT.................... a few days ago............. I found out that multiply.com has been shutdown (source) on May 2013. -.-" I didn't even get to backup anything from that blog! I've lost everything in there, all the pictures, all the posts, everything... Kinda disappointed. Tried to email them but they said that "Multiply no longer provides support as their Team is not operational anymore". =/

Sad news

Sigh.. Anyway.. Feeling disappointed won't make any difference. I shall move on and make new memories. =) Joining me?

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